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We are the authors of our past,
the narrators of our present
and the projectors of our future.
When we fully realize and actualize this time opens from a finite and temporal state into more infinite state where we are able to give more directed function to the formation of time.
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Zero, Eight
before we were, are and will be
she was formed for you and you were formed for her from the Great Unknown Womb[1]
ying, yang
night, day
dusk, dawn
a song that is to be sung even as the rising and the falling of the sun
to become a testament of virtues written set upon growing eternal light [2]
in the darkest of moon cast nights
give testament, testify to the test of the souls sent
from that which is, was and shall be the Creator of your lives
drawn from the roots of the deepest depths to the crown of the glorious heights
rotating wheels of energy given rise to realize the Divinity within [3]
unified as two flesh become one
falling, rising
infinite moon
eternal sun
zero, eight
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One Race : Human
When did the shades of flesh become the determination, an unnecessary form of ism categorization?
Trace the prism back to it's origination from the color differentiation and you find white.
White not as in the pasty pale skin toned caucasian but as in the light that forms all living life.
In this race war no one wins, it becomes the conditions conditioning conditions on the condition that we can separate in our black, brown, green, red, yellow, white pride, and still, yet decide that we are one.
Race, the vulture that devoured true culture.
There is no race to be ran, there is only human.
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Light, Life, Love.
Type, cast my vision
Into the waters of light
Collecting lumination - that's life
Clips, passages, phrases & pages
Holy men, wise women, prophets & sages
Spoken as a reflection that comes from the within, the without
the faith, the doubt
To know 'I' is to no eye
To know You is to know who
For You are the hue of my eye
The how, the when and the why
I am deeper down, bless me with light to be found
As I bury myself in this earth crusted underground
In her tomb I will find her womb
In the dark I will find the light
Light, Life, Love.
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Wish, Wish, Wish. by zedsonder Wish, Wish, Wish. :iconzedsonder:zedsonder 1 0
[01] Opened up, split down, the ground : before You
[02] Storms psalm, bring calm, the water : before You
[03] Anger fear, hold me near, the fire : before You
[04] Wounded dead, bowed head, the air : before You
[05] after You :  Wake up given to earth, a birth
[06] after You :  Find the waves cascade, a creation
[07] after You :  Follow the wick to flame, a death
[08] after You :  Rise from the slumber wept, a birth
[09] All are contained : within You : roots of earth
[10] They are born to be : within You : creations of birth
[11] Sent to burn by the flame : within You : death becomes
[12] Give rise to that life : within You :  born anew
[13] OM
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i,eye. by zedsonder i,eye. :iconzedsonder:zedsonder 1 0
Sacred Circle
”Do you ever talk to yourself?  I do.  You see I’m the only person I have to talk to over here.  Where?  The otherside, afterlife or whatever you call the life after that life.  My name is Hue Greyson and I am here to share with you not how to die, but how to live life as though there is no death.  I’m here to share with you what I learned when I discovered zero, or rather, when we discovered zero together.   Because you see, by reading this you already beginning the journey and discovery of a truth that was always inside you but you just weren’t aware of it.   Let’s share in this together and perhaps we can both change everything we thought we knew about life, conscious conscience, God and the reality of reality itself in the Sacred Circle.”
- Hue Greyson, zeroist
*  -     A Note of Gratitude
0 -  ○ Greetings from the Sacred Circle
1 -  ▵ Body
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SensualSelf by zedsonder SensualSelf :iconzedsonder:zedsonder 0 0
Finding the Beginning's End
This was the end, or I’d been told.
Except, everything I’d been told about this end was wrong from the beginning to end.  
The end didn’t begin with a light at the end of the tunnel or some great streaming epiphany revelation that made sense of all the unexplained insane suffering of life.
The end wasn’t a great psychedelic trip or prophetic visions interconnecting all living creatures as one conscious being of light, love and understanding.
The end didn’t help me to understand the grand plan, the great vision and the reason for the beliefs held by the billions.
The end wasn’t Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism,Sikhism, Judaism, Baha'ism, Confucianism, Jainism, Shintoism or any variety of ism or ists.
The end of my life and the beginning of it on the Otherside was simply like a dream passed away where on the wake you wonder if that which was really is and will be.
‘Otherside’ is what I called where I ended up because it didn
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Go In Love
Oregon in the rear view reflection
Texas in the dashboards frame
From where you came
You will never quite be the same
Carry our voices as your own life
Heart, space made known
Shine your shown
You are never alone
There a thousand cheers for
Every journey made
Each point on the dashboards needle
Is record of the memories played
Voices, chorus, explore us
To learn a new cities contours
Conclusions of those helping helpers
Behind the scenes to hold the fabric
Of all our dreams
Your the helping helper
The often unspoken truth
The City Concern start
Central to the heart
As you go your way realize
Our hearts blaze, beat, pound for you
From the illusions of separation
Breaking through
You are away, but apart from us,
This will never be true
We love you
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Something profound happened when I stepped outside myself with myself to view myself that became as surreal as life itself.
My reality became quite removed, yet more significant, as a movie projected on a screen, a dream-like state where I saw what happens and instead of giving reactions simply allowed myself reflections having stepped away as the projector to view the show for what it was - a show.
Which showed me that I am, or rather, we are layered far deeper than this flesh, mass and bone.  We are layered as one complex body of consciousness expressing ourselves subjectively as individuals collectively subjected to the shared dominate view of our physical reality.
When I learned this time became far less a commodity as the moment, this moment, right now became the most significant state to be in as the authorship of my past, the narration of my present and projection of my future became one.
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If I knew the beginning from the end, would I have begun?
Or would the complexities of knowing that before this reminisce any remaining remnants into insignificance?
Perhaps predesignated fate would cease to be and outside those walls I might see a life not held captivity of futures obligatory?
Might the stories become asunder trembling under the realities realized and be devised not so much to end but, rather, begin?
Would the spaces that trace the separation between that which I and that which is you become less a constitution construed by what we adorn through the ages and be closer to living in a book together where we share the pages?
If this were to be so would I begin to sow seeds of love not out of reward given but realizing a greater condition that my hearts beat drums far greater than that I which is alone to that eye sewn?
Inwards, outwards, when all of this was shine or shone, no, I’d neither begin, nor end.
In consciousness contemplation, I have seen the place where
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Divine Love
Who Are Hue?
I wear illusions that remind me what is real in realization that the denomination is an extrapolation of the divine deviation that beats between the heart that is me and hue.
True.  These spaces and places can never be quite explained with a solitary refrain, so let my voice become, be a drop in the oceans conscious wave that is, was and always will be me and hue.
Am I getting through?
Or have the illusions taken, forsaken, mistaken an identity crisis bias to pre judge from the irises project shun everything that is not hue?
True or False
This isn't about checking the boxes, making the marks, trembling down another thousand false starts /  Expectations without realizations, categorizations without designations - I'm devoting these deviations to break the boundaries of the stories and the situations.
Story, Story, Story
Situational stories explore me, implore me to be more than that I am, a plan from the master's hand dealing out anachronistic
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Aquarian Rising Consciousness by zedsonder Aquarian Rising Consciousness :iconzedsonder:zedsonder 0 0 Myself, Actually by zedsonder Myself, Actually :iconzedsonder:zedsonder 0 0


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zedsonder Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017
[ Que the changing of seasons as Summer Becomes Fall and there is a tendency to look inward. ]

Self Reflection has been taken to the extreme.  I really feel I have broken that mirror and now I am carving out new artistic measures to understand this space, place called life after ending yet another project that explored the art of becoming, being.  ( )

I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote this year, more than I have in a long time.  But it wasn't just writing that was written alone, as with all my work it helped to discover new aspects in myself and this world around me.  It wasn't just writing to write, but to tune something that needed tuning.

But now, now, I feel I have broken that mirror, as mentioned.   

No 7 years bad luck, just a shift with more possibilities of self expression in the shards shining.

Some would call that a mess.

Me?  I call it art.

Cause I certainly don't want to stay here doing the same pieces, the same concepts, the same reflections, connections.

I'm ready to expand the horizon and raise up the sun.

Let it be - become.